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Business Type: Manufacturer
Main Market: North America
South America
Western Europe
Eastern Europe
Eastern Asia
Southeast Asia
Middle East
No. of Employees: 200~300
Annual Sales: 15000000-20000000
Year Established: 2011
Export p.c: < 10%
About Us

Wellblue, a brand name on the Shenzhen Landun Enviro-tech, Co., Ltd, is a high-tech company that focuses on water filter research, development and application. As a provider of water filters, our company has been dedicated to providing high-quality water purification products, water treatment technologies & renovations and the solutions of water treatment technologies for customers.


30,000 square meters office block and manufacturing shop, 260 workers, 7 years manufacturing experience, quality products and best service, that’s why we keep cheerful and lasting relationship with global valued customers.


We have a multifunctional laboratory, which is satisfy to finish mass of testing and research on factory directly.


We have our own mold production department, injection workshop, and automated filter cartridges production equipment.


We have 7 production lines by now, daily output is approx. 10,000pcs water filter products.


We have strict quality and production control, and bring in advanced product testing equipment, and awarded with I S O 9 0 0 1 -2 0 1 5 certification. Wellblue ensure each of the products goes through 100% original material inspection, production monitor and product inspection before we send it out .


Wellblue carries a series of domestic water treatment products, including RO water filter machine, kitchen Ultra water filter, alkaline water purifiers, shower filter, accessories and series of alkaline water filter pitcher. Our products has certified by FDA, CE, ROHS and NSF testing report, etc.


Besides, we are able to create any new products per your specific requirements. OEM & ODM order is welcome!


Wellblue main products as following:

1. Reverse osmosis Water Purifier

2. Reverse osmosis Water purifier Dispenser

3. Alkaline water filters

4. Alkaline water filter pitcher

5. All kinds of replacement filters

6. Other ODM and OEM products


We have a thoughtful and high efficiency service team, whom is ready to service you at any time!


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China  company profile 0


Wellblue offered the following service:


1. 10+ years manufacturing experience

2. OEM/ODM service

3. Sample service

4. Direct factory, Competitive price

5. Strict qualitycontrol system, stable products

6. Quick response for before-sales, after-sales service


Our Team

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1. Sales team

    Demestic sales team

    Oversea market sales team


    We will offer quickly and professional before-sales and after-sales service.


2. Product Development and design team

    Products develop engineers

    Prodcuts design engineers


  ODM and OEM service is available.


3. Quality control team

    IQC: Incoming quality control team

    IPQC: In Process Quality Control team

    FQC: Final Quality Control team

    OQC: Outgoing Quality Control team


 We always offer stable great quality products for you .


4. Marketing and Package design team

    Marketing material design

    Package design


 We offered free marketing and package design service for our partners.


5. Production material control team

    Prodction material control

    Purchasing team


 Minimize the delviery date is our effort aim.






Contact Us

Contact  Us:


Sales Manager:

Jenny Zhang

Tel: +86-13717074606

Whatsapp: +86-13717074606

Skpye: +86-13717074606

Wechate: wellblue-jenny

Email: jenny@wellblueenviro.cn



Sales Representative:


Kobe Huang

Tel: +86-15118849414
WhatsApp: +86-15118849414
Skype: 273703489@qq.com
Wechat: +86-15118849414

E-mail: kobe@wellblueenviro.cn


Johnson Lee
Tel: +86 135 1021 6422
Whatsapp:+86 135 1021 6422

Skype: johnson.lee57

Wechat : +86 135 1021 6422

Email: johnson@wellblueenviro.cn


Joan Qiu

TEL: +86-18028722343
Whatsapp: +86-18028722343
Skype: +86-18028722343
Wechat: +86-18028722343

E-mail: joan@wellblueenviro.cn



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